This is ONLY a “TEST”

Testing…, 1,2,3, Whoosh, whooooosh…. Are we On…? Is this working… Oh, good…, Hello… Welcome, to a Test.

This is only a TEST of the Revelations Alert System.

If this were an Actual Revelation Emergency, you’d hear NOTHING from the Main Stream Media…. Our United (Divided) States Of America, like many awake believers in God, MIGHT react differently, until our NSA throws the Internet Kill Switch. Unless we stick together and Talk with God. He’ll get the message across to those that are His.

We’ll wait & see how long that takes. Until then, we’ll proceed with our “Test”.

Afterwards, you can return to your regularly scheduled distractions, Texts, Emails, Youtube, Fakebook, Goofle, Your blind, dizzy paced information “BUZZ” for your brain to fry on. Meanwhile your Soul is totally asleep!

How about Talking with GOD… Hummmn…. That sounds interesting…. Never thought of talking with HIM…

I’ll try that. Thanks for that fresh idea!


In a world filled with kindness, wars, good and deception, It is very clear to me, that the friends you “keep” and the people you allow to influence or gain access to your inner soul…, are very special people. Be careful and pay close attention.

These VERY Important people impact your decisions to “Make” sound decisions, and to establish solid, safe “Boundaries” to Protect for your Life, Family, Home, Nation and the most precious of all…, your Soul.

These are choices that GOD will guide you in & out of your whole life, using them to see HIM working IN your Life! As long as you listen to Him, speak with Him, and obey Him, to be protected and protect others from HELL.

We earn “Merit Badges” here.  When our “end of life” school bell rings, and you’re called home, its crucial that you don’t miss any earthly lessons that teach how to get a passing grade and go to Heaven. Jesus is THE Instructor & Your Savoir, for admission to a place where Mansions that God built have room for YOU! There’s Streets of Gold and nobody hoards stuff, or steals stuff… They share it!

Don’t make these life influence choices lightly. Just because “professors” profess to know… Many DON’T know, misguiding many, away from the truth that would save you from a life long journey of hardship and pain. Ask God who should be in your “inner circle” of friends…. WHO should you take advise from and Who to Trust. I’ll assure you, God will warn you, listen to Him! He’s Listening to you! That is IF you ASK Him… Ask Him!

You’ll have a hard time counting folks on 1 hand, maybe 2 if you’re discerning, that walk closely with God. But having Him lead you, you’ll be introduced to a world full of His people. You just need to meet them. Speak with them. See what they DO. But remember, God is always at work & HE can Fix anything if you mess up on your choices, as long as you’re willing to say you’re sorry and ASK for His help! I have, and HE has rewarded me with these Revelations and an opportunity to write this book for YOU. I praise God for these “Revelations” to enjoy, share, with everyone you know, and don’t know. It could save your life, their LIFE! Here & leading to Eternity.

The friends that seek after & follow God are the ones you want to keep. The ones that don’t, just observe & try with God’s guidance to pull them out of the fire of lies that have them confused. IF they refuse to see the truth…. Let Go of them. The sooner the better. Or get hurt, even burned. That’s your choice and consequence… Once I touch a hot stove, I learn. It is my prayer to offer this book as your Forever Fire Insurance Policy for your Spiritual & Eternal Life…. Put on your Fire Suit… This period in American & Global History is getting pretty HOT! Suit up! And have conversations with God. He’ll reward you with His peace as chaos gets sorted out.

At a young age I got “burned” by wearing my heart on my sleeve. My father modeled that pattern of behavior, so I thought, “If Dad lives this way with Mom, in a transparent way, that should be the way I’d live too…” Well I learned… Not so safe to do in the “real world”…. People might crush you, take advantage of your open honesty, even tempt you to go in wrong directions. Even song writers & celebrities are guilty. Billy Joel sang a Hit Song based on that very idea, “Honesty…, It’s such a lonely word…Everyone is so untrue…” What’s missing in Billy Joel’s song is, there’s no Jesus in it….This song is all about the flesh and our dire need for honesty. All he wants is someone to believe…. Well Billy, Jesus is calling…. He’s honest.

We ALL want honesty. ONLY Jesus has it! Have a conversation with God to confirm that…He’s “the Way, the Truth and the Life…, No One comes to the Father but by me…”( Him ). Experience Honesty by being honest with God, He’ll show you what Honesty is really made of. Jesus. He is the greatest example of Honesty, Truth, Love, Sacrifice and Obedience. He is who we need to become more like, every day. Until we do, we experience pain, by people who prey on our honesty…..

A girl who threw my Cub Scout ID bracelet out of her school bus window taught me a HUGE lesson as I left my 4th grade school and walked by her bus, thinking I was her “boyfriend”…. I had no idea this tossing act was going to happen: I didn’t understand what people might do with my honesty. They might toss you, trick you and tease you… take advantage of you and hold you back from all that God has for you…. 50 years later, I’m having to do this again, forgive, leave and move on.

I’ve recently backed away from a “friend” who has done this sort of passive aggressive manipulation on me over the years, helping me with a strong will, giving solid advice mixed with strong demands, masked inside real anger under a friendly facade.. This “friend” is a liberal, because of a strong mother domineering influence that taught intimidation, manipulation & micro management conforming people to her wishes or demands.

This “friend” is also a Conservative who has made “observations” over years, forming “judgments” which have led my “friend” to AND away from complete Truth….. A very interesting, independent, compassionate, aggressive and smart person, but not willing to go the deep depths to uncover the truth that God sees and offers to you, if you treasure hunt long enough to reap His rewards. Truth is stranger than fiction and real truth sometimes takes a windy path to get to the bottom line.

That’s how the Devil works… He misleads in subtle ways, by mixing truth with lies, “White Lies” & outright lies… In your Face Lies like we’re witnessing today in our country like never before. Taking “shortcuts”, or simply omitting things…. These are the types of works the devil uses to Kill, Steal & try to Destroy what God is creator of, the earth, all it has , and your Soul….The good news is, the devil loses it all in the end. And, you can save your Soul thru Christ , free from the evil one.

Read the Book Of Revelation in the Bible. God Wins, Truth WINS…, The Devil Loses. End of Story.

In the meantime,God works on all of us… He rebuilds, restores & builds up His people in mercy & grace.

The reason this elementary girl tossed my Cub Scout ID bracelet out, made perfect sense, when I knew the facts. She didn’t want to be my girlfriend…. I was tricked by a “popular” boy in school who was a year older than I was and the girls all flocked to him…. THAT taught me the importance of relying on his “cool” status and be telling me an “inside scoop” since he was speaking with all the girls I was too shy to talk with…. I thought I had a “sure bet”… What I really had was a “shill”.

This taught me about choosing “cool” friends, who might get you “hooked up” but also might hurt you & set you up to “think” a girl had a crush on me, and wanted to be my girlfriend…when she didn’t. This cool elementary school boy gave me a college course on trusting people… That tough lesson still teaches me today. What’s the “take-away”?

Don’t wear your heart on your sleeve. It could come back to break your heart. After a tear or 2, my heart got smarter. Thank you Pam for waking me up. Thank you Ricky for tricking me into thinking Pam wanted to “go steady” with me, when you were actually playing me for a fool. Then yes, I was, not now. Now I have confidence because I have conversations with God, not people with agendas & “stories…” I go for facts…, Just the facts.. Wherever they lead. Truth leads to Truth.

Thank you God for the “gift” of forgiveness, given freely in your Son Jesus, so I have closure on this experience and a joyful heart to share it with others so they can do the same with rough lessons or tricks done to them.  This memory is just a milestone in my “journey” of relationships and REVELATIONS: Conversations with God. That experience sort of set the tone for my being outgoing…, but careful. Talk with God 1st and you”l be on the right path.

What my dad taught was: “do as I say son, not as I say or do: speak when you are spoken to”. Then you’ll fit in the world; just “go along & get along in the world…” Yet my gut said something was very wrong with that line of thinking. Needing or allowing anyone to “rule over me” was a vulnerable state of existence. I am sovereign, under no one else.

Except being under GOD who’s the only one ruling over me.

He, I can always TRUST with anything I need and for ANSWERS to life’s tough questions, for these, I can absolutely rely on Him. I know that because I had & still have conversations with Him. And boy, do I get Answers…. Thank you Abba Father….

I did go thru rebellious years as I struggled to find Truth. I met people who seemed trustworthy & honest, but later learned I should be very careful about when to rebel, and who to hang out with…. It’s in these rebellion times that separation from God comes, in moments, or years that lead to BIG mistakes. These make you vulnerable to Bigger mistakes. Marriage, Divorce, Cancer, Chronic Disease, Debt, you name it.

Let me share a story about a tough time in my early years when my world & family was literally turned upside down. My Mom was an orphan, my dad was an athlete & sports Journalist for the Army’s “Stars & Stripes” Newspaper in Germany at the time. Dad taught me how to get the facts and the “who, what, when, where and how” Story stuff… My mom taught me how to really trust God and always tell the truth. So here we go with my “real life” story about trusting new “friends” and being tempted into gambling.

There were 2 brothers who befriended me, in elementary school. One of them was previously hit by a car and suffered a head injury which required a helmet to be worn while his skull healed. The older brother took a liking to me and asked if I had any brothers or sisters, I said no, and that my brother had just died…. This really struck a cord with the older brother’s heart because he almost lost his brother. I lost mine after just 15 months… It didn’t make sense but I knew God had a good answer to that question.

It devastated our family. I didn’t understand why God would have allowed this tragedy to happen, but I trusted Him to show me when I could understand it. William is his name & he’s cheering me one from heaven I’m sure, along with my mother & father with Christ!

These 2 brothers had your typical sibling rivalry, which I was cut short of experiencing since my brother was gone. So, with my father’s “heart on the sleeve” style of living, my loss of my brother & a blown up family, I was still gullible in a world with “White liars and in-between liars”, who played both sides of the fence when it came to honesty. They acted like “friends” until they wanted something out of you.

I was a trusting young soul and over time I got invited go to their house after school to play pool. It was fun & I enjoyed the “competition” between both of them…. I was later tricked by one of these  2 “friends” to gamble over a pool game. When I lost, I was intimidated into signing a contract to pay the $10 I bet & owed within 1-2 weeks, I can’t remember.

What I do remember was I didn’t have the money and I had to surrender a coin collection to pay my debt. The Coin Collection was given to me by my parents and when they found out what happened to it later on, they were very disappointed in how it happened, but hoped I learned to never gamble again. The collection was worth probably around $100. I was given face value for every coin to make up the $10 debt owed. I don’t bring up this story to be holding a grudge, its just the opposite, its to unveil a truth about what it takes to learn what’s underneath people’s motives and how sometimes people get taken advantage of and get “taken in” Like Epstein being used to trap people in high places with young children as bait & then gets set up for “suicide”… or a escape hatch, a new name, and a new island location for later CIA information and then left to live out the rest of his life in seclusion, who knows…, who cares… The devil works real bad things into people’s lives as temptations, wrapped up in power and then uses them against you if you get sucked in. Don’t give him any corner of your life. This gambling experience has & still teaches me a lot. I have been saved from a lot of trouble by it.

I still have this “friend” who doesn’t remember the incident. I told him to ask his brother to confirm it….  When I brought it up in a recent conversation he had a smirk on his face, and that sort of made me wonder if this “friend” might have some lessons to learn on his own, using his son to help him with a building project rather than me, yet he still has a deep interest in my not wasting my time in writing this book, or helping folks out & not getting paid what I probably should get paid… Right now, this 50+ year relationship is now undergoing a transformation. I am keeping a safe distance because he does NOT share the same commitment to God and serving Christ in all I do & say. I told him this building project would be his salvation and that God would work it all out. I look forward to revisiting that conversation and future friendship after he & his son grow deeper together and I get my businesses further along to get the respect I deserve.

Thankfully though, we still have an open door to communicate & we cautiously listen to each other because we BOTH have a common interest in making America Great again and fixing corruption in our Country…. I know GOD has the same thing in mind & He’s using President Trump.

I must state 1 thing here, I’m not for the Left, OR The Right, I’m for the Truth….

True Democratic “liberals” have that same desire, True Republican Conservatives do too.

They ALL vote, not steal votes, they sort out the issues of the Public’s concern & act/legislate on them. Or at least it USED to be taught in History & Constitution Classes. Now it’s how can you lie & WIN….

Until Trump.

Our Maverick President Trump is MY hero. I would have never imagined living in a time of history when textbook rivalry against both parties & INSIDE Both Parties there has been so MANY Bad things unveiled as the Internet & Citizen journalism has had the Free flowing Breeze of Liberty blowing NOW at the fever pitch of a Hurricane thru the District of Criminals. Add to that the outright BIAS with Project Veritas undercover reporters exposing Twitter, Facebook, Google and many other Tech Left Liberal run “Utilities” that are Shadow Banning Conservatives in Censorship discoveries caught on camera and their smoke & mirror lies that say they don’t do what they DO do… They LIE. Their “cover” gets blown away.

Our President needs to spearhead their being SHUT DOWN for “rigging” the news & freedom of information provided by the voting public. NOW! Before the 2020 Elections! is a great Place to start. God’s Ear is the BEST Place to send your requests to be led to places like, and might rattle your core, while teases liberals and conservatives alike with spices for all seekers of reality in information sometimes mixed with sites pushing disinformation…. Jonathan Cahn, author of the Harbingerman & the Oracle and a great website, . exposes huge “Conspiracy” Fact(s) caught on camera. Nancy Pelosi shares what their “Agenda” is, clearly in just 29 seconds and how they keep us dizzy like her. . 

My “friend” & I marvel at how many brainwashed public STILL buy Liberal Media BS in the State of California, Massachusetts, Vermont, Oregon, Virginia and many other States. We cringe at the incredible deception and spin from public & private forces that want to tear this country apart. On that we agree.

What we DON’T agree on is the DEPTH of this deception. Especially 9/11.

My “friend” is not a believer in Jesus Christ. He does not trust insider News from Alex Jones-like sources and has a tough time with “Conspiracy Theorists…” I understand the concern. You can’t always believe what you see, read & hear. Sure, Unless it comes from GOD. That’s where the rub is….

This “friend” has been disillusioned by hypocrite “Christians” that say 1 thing & do another with power to sway people based on emotion…. There could be some merit to some of these observations, but ignoring the fact that God isn’t done working on these people being observed, and holding them in a purgatory like judgement jail forever, using one time frame of history as a valid place for reaching a firm conclusion is like cementing one’s future based on a moment in time.

Where’s the “big picture” in all of that second of time?. God is very much active in people’s lives on both the saved & unsaved sides of the aisle. He’s got all the time in the world. We have a limited time to learn the lessons we need to learn before the class is over bell rings!

I still have harsh discussions at times with my “friend” over what real truth is and the levels you sometimes have to go to really get to the bottom of things. He doesn’t have the patience nor wants to do deep forensic research required to reach solid answers; most people don’t, yet he, like many, watches hours of TV News on all the networks, “to see what people are saying & thinking…” when I warn him the Networks all feed the same Brain Fodder to keep heads spinning in BS clouds and your time would be better spent building something or helping someone…. I worked in Commercial broadcasting for years. Rip & Read Teleprompter News is NOT News.. Its a Parrot Show.

This is 1 reason why many are deceived by the media. It’s “entertainment” and it feeds the “pride of life” ego of the viewer or listener. Some might think as you get older, you “think” you’re informed, when in reality, you are the furthest away from it because you’re “in” the news, rather than “outside” the news, in observation and Conversations with God about it.

Prayer uncovers deception…, and its VERY deep. The MSM “noise” is so loud, most people won’t drill thru the nonsense, I get that, but to just give up, that is plain laziness and a lie. DO your do diligence and Pray!

I shared with him about my prayer and fasting for our country, when Nancy Pelosi could have been cueing up an act against our President’s life and safety on October 16th, 2019 with a update on the Impeachment inquiries with Adam Schiff. She was pretty brave to try to intimidate the President around the 4 minute mark saying the Democrats are “not going away” about a gun violence legislation they want to get passed…

What was shocking was the level of detail she revealed and her face expressed a startled look around the 4:12 minute mark because she got too ahead of her tired lying legal brain & spilled the beans as to “the agenda that we have…” Its RIGHT THERE, that Pelosi realizes that she MUST stop talking and does, but she’s rattled with the remnants of her liar, liar, pants on FIRE troubled conscience, which has gone WAY OVER the cliff and is in a free fall & must move on to TRY & Cover up any attention to what she just said, a “Nothing to see here, move on kind of thing”…Thanks Nancy, you’re a great help to teach your lost followers where the problems are this country are. In your party’s ideas coming from Radicalville, CA.

Gun Violence happens…. Because UNARMED People can’t defend themselves.  Only the bad people can defend themselves, and the Police, IF they even get to the scene of the crime. Police take care of themselves 1st, then the public. That is human nature, Gang nature, Politicians nature. Armed body guards, you have, Nancy Pelosi. We have the right to the same. Equal Justice, under arms, under aim, not under tyranny, UNDER liberal bullies, abusing places of public office.

Sanctuary Cities breed violence. When our country was founded, it was fragile, It took lives & sacrifice to endure hardship unimaginable to folks these days who need “safe zones’” to cope with friction between people. Please… Grow up.

We DON’T live is a test tube, a play ground or a college classroom. We live in a Jungle of Lawyers, Policeman & Woman, People that believe in right and believe in wrong. That’s why we have LAWS. They apply to both sides, both aisles, ALL aisles. What is coming out now is the truth. ALL Lives matter and our President stated that in the 2020 Right to Life March.

Yes…, Mr. President ALL of them matter.

Even your life matters To GOD.

OUR Lives matter SO Much that God gave His Only Son to Die & Rise again for us so we can have an Eternal Hope! Easter is Proof of that!

Was Nancy Pelosi calling for the agenda of Democratic Party to harm the President while wearing and pointing to her bullet style bracelet, on October 16th, 2019? God knows…

That Day, I was driven by God to pray & fast for our President & our Nation.

What Pelosi might have been projecting to the world, signaling on OUR National Media could have been a treasonous act to potentially harm our President, our Nation, our Planet. That day was my SOLID confirmation that this VERY point in time is VERY Serious.

They go low, we go high. Aim high if necessary with a warning shot in print and social media. Aim squarely in the arena of life, where words and sensible ideas are transmitted. Madam Speaker Pelosi, you are being watched, by Millions who VOTE and Millions who PRAY to a God who listens to our prayers. Even YOU said we need to pray for the Country. Do It yourself! Do it on LIVE TV so we can SEE You Pray, not just “say” it…, Show us!

Each Day needs prayer & fasting to protect against efforts of evil hidden deep inside keyboard centers all over the world who monitor everything.

So, don’t think you can dance around the bush of reality, when Truth stands UP under ANY pressure put on it and lies crumble & fall because they keep lying to cover up their fake Backbone that appears fixed, and solid, when it’s really “jello” and wobbles under stern testing and analysis. I’ll just say, “Thank God for Jello…”.

And Cool Whip….. You can put lipstick on a Pig…, it’s still a pig…. Pigs are needed to make Jello. I say Quit eating BS Pig dessert. Try Faith… If you don’t have it, I’m here to share with you something very special. You can get it for FREE!

Faith is actually a gift from GOD. It comes as a result of asking Him to show you something that helps you to overcome doubt. Doubt is actually negative faith. No matter how small it is. If you still don’t “have” faith, and are honest, and would like to understand what its like to “have faith” well, the best thing to do is ASK God for it…

He’ll give you exactly what you need to get started…. Doubt will then be on the run…

This same level of honesty I have recently shared with my friend about his Son. I said to him, “Give your son the same advice you gave me… I appreciate your criticism. I know your intent. I want the same for you and I’m, trusting God for the outcome & the order in which it comes. Even if it means we can’t be “friends” for a period of time, maybe years, as things get sorted out.

Like 9/11 for example. He will NOT accept the possibility of internal workings and motives to destroy this country, it’s independence, the rule of law and due process as the fundamental backbone of Constitutional Order.

The reason it happened was for control and surveillance of our country, its citizens, with and without due process starting with fear. This has been a step by step process going on for years. Clinton’s were part of it. Bush Sr, was part of it. He began his “recruitment” into the cabal as a young CIA person, involved with Johnson’s desire for taking President Kennedy’s life,

That was the BIG turn in our country into a step by step “Police State” and a communist system taking additional steps like the attempt to kill Ronald Reagan, False Flag Events & more… I know… It sounds crazy. It IS Crazy. Read David Icke’s Book called “The Trigger” its a “stun gun” according to Amazon Reviews. Look the other way & be like my “friend” who is acting like an ostridge. I’m not…

I’m looking Truth straight in the face & saying, OK, where are you leading me, where do we stop? At ANSWERS that DON’T fall apart. Evidence leads right to them. Laws lead to them. Stop overlooking Law & Order. Please. Truth, sometimes leads you down a deep, dark path

The more you dig into where our country is at right now,, the more you will Praise GOD for President TRUMP!  I Do!

After 9/11, NSA Data centers were built everywhere and Terabytes of Data are collected every nanosecond. It’ll blow your mind… Take our current President’s Impeachment for example. Take the “Leaks”… The staged events… Its a real shame.

Obama used your tax dollars to build his stay behind, hidden army, just as strong, just as effective as a physically seen army to spy on our president “elect” and President ELECTED…. As Obama temporarily enjoyed saying“You didn’t build that…” The Government did… You’re right Obama, 9/11 built it, under Bush Jr. YOU added to it BIG TIME….

You’ll be eating your words Obama when we strip your “Legacy” and finally say, as the United ( not Divided ) States of America, “You didn’t build that Obama…, We did”., We’ll use it to restore, secure our Republic, not tear it down as you attempted, stealing your way down to destruction by creating false Money Laundering Investment Schemes designed to steal from Christians and others who ate the Obama “bait”. Time to throw up and fast. For GOD to restore our Nation!

You built attractive “lakes” to invest in but they were dry deserts looking like thirst quenching pools to drink from, invest in, but were traps, schemes, to steal. Like your Solar ventures, Obamacare, Contractors, Disinformation Websites & more.. It’s too deep to get into now. That’s for Military Tribunals to sort out because our Court Systems has your people everywhere. Even the “Rule of Law” can’t get done its so infested. Until we Vote in 2020. Trump to our Rescue! He’s our “Raid” Wasp Repellent to you Domestic Terrorists.

Obama built more on top of the 9/11 rubble by hidden beneath “Stay Behind” Networks everywhere. Some good, many NOT. Our “White Hat & Black Hat” technology teams need to be vetted out. Mr. President, It’s TOPSIDE Too… in Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, analyse EVERY Action of ALL of them sir… Get them in line sir, please. Our Country, Our Republic is Counting on YOU! Truth is being “shadow banned” sir. Its our National Emergency Sir. Its a Information Virus we MUST DESTROY! our Country has been seized, captive by Artificial Intelligence & software!

Mr. (aka) “Barry Sortoro” Obama, your day in court is coming. We’ll ALL see what happens to you. Peace on Earth & Goodwill to Men is what TRUE Americans desire, not “Race Baiting” division. We need Restoration of our Republic YOU worked at dividing. Your words & works are evidence of that Treason!

By God’s Grace, we WILL Restore America, Keeping her GREAT for Freedom, Liberty, Justice for ALL who LOVE Her, not Hate her. You’re OUT!

My father prayed for you Mr. Obama… He prayed that you’d go to Jail, or worse, I’m not sure, at least in a cell for YOUR acts of treason. It’ll all get sifted through and sorted out. See Ex-Fireman Mark Taylor’s Prophetic reference to that very future event by GOD’s Revelations to Him. See His Website & Youtube Channel to Learn More at God told Mark Taylor that Donald Trump would be president back in 2012. In his book,The Trump Prophesies, you’ll see by reading it or a , and a Veritas Radio Interview or see a USA Watchdog page regarding Obama’s future and his presidency being stripped of him.

These Truths are Huge “Red Pills” for my “friend” & for many others to digest, but they will cry, while WE rejoice as we see our True & Living God’s Hand get things done. “Gitter dun” my dad liked to say. I’m trying Dad, by Words of Truth.

To those who get upset, I suggest anti-acid medications to stomach the Obama and Clinton Acts of TREASON. Truth Prevails, Justice WILL Be Served. Get over 2016, embrace our duly Elected President, our shared country & election process and OUR inquiry into the WHOLE Truth or go to Jail for participating in criminal acts of terrorism inside our borders, within this GREAT Country. You are DONE!

9/11 MUST be discussed. Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, (See  have 1000’s of petition signing structural engineers sighting 1000’s of examples of how buildings of steel frame infrastructure don’t fall due to jet fuel and fires…, they don’t pancake or fall on themselves, Not on their own “foot print” with near zero resistance, a “free fall” as it were… They fall by the laws of physics & gravity…

The gravity of this reality is this: On the actual day of 9/11, non edited LIVE broadcasters said it looked like controlled demolitions. Building #7 with IRS,FBI offices inside it with small fires, was hit by NOTHING, yet was “pulled” as Larry Silverstein ( Building owner) said that day & later danced….

See this link

When asked, “What REALLY Happened…” They ALL dance.

What we should Dance to is: Praise, and Worship God as the National Christian Choir Sings. Listen to them Here.

We should return to our Monumental Roots as we landed on the shores of Plymouth Massachusetts. See more of the  Monumental Movie  and on Youtube Parts 2, Part 3

When these things return to our land, we will all dance as Americans, Patriots that KNOW the “Harbingerman” Author, Johnathan Cahn as the 2nd Term Obama Inauguration Prayer Breakfast Speaker who proclaimed God’s Hand on this County and recalled the fallen Sycamore Tree in NY City where our Country Began!

Jonathan Cahn sounded the shofar for Jew & Gentile to be restored to God ordained sanity when President Trump takes the lid off this 9/11 lie. Please DO Mr.. President…. 3000 lives fell that day, 100’s of 1000’s have fallen afterwards from the poisons in the air and fireman and women who risked and GAVE their lives TO SAVE LIVES..

EVERY Life matters… You marched for them & US in the 2020 March for LIFE.

March on for 9/11 victims everywhere.

March out for the shipped off shore steel remnants, destroyed evidence from a crime scene when these buildings fell under the knowledge of Bush Jr. & Cheney.

March toward the EVIDENCE of Crimes & Treason and take down those on the wrong side of History.

Please Mr. President.

These Towers Still Stand in our hearts: Millions of Patriots, Families, 1st Responders DIED that day. What WAS built after IS FAKE! False Hope Buildings, Propaganda, building doubt in our Systems & Laws to protect US .

I knew the day these towers fell straight down in record time and without many details it yelled “Conspiracy Theory” from day 1. The powers behind this STILL tote that narrative, but its too late now. The ‘jig” is up…. Conspiracy Science has Facts that can’t be denied.

David Icke’s 800 page book: “Triggered” tears all the veils over what happened at 9/11, how we got there, who did it and why. My “friend” won’t read it. You ALL Should read it

These are just a few reasons why I’ve been writing this book.

Another is Fasting & Prayer…, for the Country I Love and for my Savior Jesus Christ.  The things learned from Fasting & Prayer I want to share with everyone.

We have a LOT to be grateful for with all our abundance in America. The problem is we have too many choices and voices that get in the way of sound living and eating, or the need to STOP Eating to give the body what it needs… A break, a “vacation” as it were to Clean OUT the Soul, Gut, killing Cancer by starving it out and letting the immune system tackle the bad cells in our cellular battleground where disease is fought for & WON if we’re eating as we should.

The title of this book has been on my heart & mind for years. Its about YOU and your Life Experiences & Revelations that I’ve been blessed to see & share, helping folks get outside themselves to see GOD and know HIM and be part of what HE is doing… IF you’re listening, talking with Him in daily conversations, in fellowship with Him, in peace that passes worldly understanding.

After all, every day of life is a gift. It’s HIS Earth, His air & His energy we consume. Why not take note of that & Praise Him for the opportunity to even be alive!

I get rebuked by my “friend” I mentioned earlier who says “no one’s going to read your book… ” for not making the money he thinks I’ll need to provide for my family…. I tell him I trust GOD for all of my needs. Not his style of human “business”. In God’s “economy”.. He gives us Seeds, like a watermelon for example. 1 seed produces 1 fruit with 100’s of seeds!

I’m working for GOD. It’s ALL God’s Business! And HE pays WAY More than YOU Would! You tricked me, and intimidated me to sign a contract. I should have countered you, but I was not a fighting friend. Now I AM. I have disdain for you now, but I still forgive you.

He doesn’t get it. He doesn’t have “faith”.

I trust and have faith in the one and only God, who knows me, who LOVES to Give…, who you can’t “OUT Give”, Out deny, Out Lawyer or Out Wit. He’s my Best Friend and Forever Friend giving me a hope and His Son who has your Eternal Future secured in His Nail Pierced Hands and Prayers for you. Trust Jesus & take Him as your Savior and Key to Heaven. I did.

You, my friend, have smirked over my honesty in my recent reflection on the time you and your brother tricked me into a pool game bet. We’ll now, I’ll wager you this. I owe everything to God for saving my soul.

You have tried to mock my lengthy efforts to praise GOD and reach for the stars in my business ventures that ARE making progress. But just not fast enough for your limited attention span. You just don’t “see it”… You’re NOT God, You don’t know Him or Trust Him. I do. I have Conversations with Him and what HE will perform is more than any mortal man.  God has Bigger and Better Ideas & STILL helps you reach your goals because He Loves you, as I still do my “friend”.

What you lack is the same honesty I told you to hold your son accountable to the same scrutiny you put me under

For that my friend, I thank you. You have focused my sincere drive to complete what I said I need 5 years to do and 10 years while we have a window of opportunity to Make America GREAT for Everyone! By WORK, Words & Willingness to Pray for our Country & the Great folks before us who fought like we need to, preserving  America’s Liberty for future generations.

Here’s your 2020 Re-Election Campaign Slogan Mr. President:

Make America GREATER for Everyone!

Let’s REBUKE the Democratic Party for Fake Impeachment, Fake Due Process and Fake Media for Broadcasting their BS with next to zero media criticism.

Nancy Pelosi reached too far, over you Mr. President, over our Constitution, over our citizen’s rights, while wearing her bullet bracelet, on October 16th, 2019.

THAT Act drove me to pray & fast for our President & our Nation. I will Continue to do that until she is Unseated, Impeached from the House!

Nancy Pelosi, you publicly projected & ADMITTED to the whole world, potentially signaling for the triggering of a false flag or real flag event on OUR National Media.

THAT treasonous act on our President, our Nation, with a outright Agenda to destroy our rights to defend ourselves and our Nation from predators like you and those you lead, trigger or call to action against this country’s Constitution Roots, Ethics, Laws and Values!

This day is My SOLID confirmation that this point in time is VERY Serious. Each Day needs prayer & fasting to protect our President and thwart efforts of evil Demons.


And this:

We NEED to rebuild and restore this divided country due to race baiting & lying by evil people on BOTH Sides of the aisle in civil and mature ways, with due process and arrests when proper.

The MSM needs to have their FCC Licenses revoked as treasonous lawsuits proceed. Even the Court System(s) are aiding and abetting the tyranny of criminals in official positions!

The President is surrounded by Patriots and Adam Schiff “ty” parasites.

They ALL need to be vetted out, jailed, replaced, with People of Constitutional Character, defending ALL Citizens, Patriots and Legal Immigrants, Restoring our Republic to its Sovereign Status on the World Political Stage.

Let the Chips fall where they may. May our country Learn How to PRAY… It starts with a conversation with the ruler of ALL. GOD.

We as a Nation need to gather together…. At least 5 Million of us, along with our National Guard, not NATO, with Our President & Vice President to SHOW the House of Representatives and the MSM, they do NOT represent US. You’re Off the Air, Impeached.

You have 2 choices. Stay & leave with or without your heads, as Voters cast you out, into Orange Jump suits, or caskets, OR, REPENT, restoring our Republic to Law & Order with Liberty & Justice for ALL. Right now, it’s just US, not them, to restore order, without MSM “Spin Cycle” FAKE News…. Until the Tech Left AI Censors shut everyone OFF the Internet!

We MUST Boycott ALL MSM Channels, Cable Networks, FAKEBOOK & GOOFLE, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

We’ll NOT SIT STILL.., as you Shadow Ban, Illegally Censor, Thwart the transmission of True, 1st Amendment Citizen’s Rights to Open, Transparent Dialogue using your profit building “Utility” that filter out, suppress our 1st & 2nd amendments removed because you Hide, STEAL our Truth, our English language, and call opposition to your agenda, “hate crimes”.

You are haters of true liberty and expression of ideas. YOU are our Domestic Terrorists, Constitution Hating Traitors!

YOU’RE Guilty of what you accuse us of. You’re out of civil order & have broken rules of law in our Great Nation. The Clintons, Obamas, Bidens, and 100’s, 1000’s more, we’ll get to you,, one by one, over the next 5 – 10 years, in Military Style Tribunals if need be.

President Trump, Rescue our Nation, do a cyber “RESET” on our United States. Revise, reduce the redundant departments full of mutants with mutiny in mind. Surround yourself with vetted Patriots who Carry Out Orders. No More Mutiny Sir. Less people around you is better. Reagan did it, you should too, and  please ask Melania to tell you who she sees as your enemies. We need Order sir. Seek out Owen Shroyer about Steve Pieczenik sir.

Make our White House, our Country WHITE, PURE, Holy, Humble again, as birthed by our forefathers, fought for and voted for you to drain the swamp.

I’ll be fasting & praying for THAT to come to pass. In my lifetime. Please Father God! Even so, come Lord Jesus!

Amen! Hallelujah, God IS on HIS Throne, Truth prevails & Christ is coming SOON!

More Revelations are forthcoming. Read this book & extend an invite to see you at the White House Mr. President.

I will hand deliver more Revelations meant for YOUR Eyes Only, to you Mr. President confirming I am NOT blowing “smoke”. I have prayed that GOD would give me Revelations that HE knows and only YOU would know that it came from God. Your Job must CONTINUE, Make America GREATER, for Everyone! For God. God Bless You.

THANK You for Your Service to our GREAT Country, in a Time that no one has what you have, to do God’s will!

Sincerely, JP


This concludes our TEST of the Revelations Alert System.

If this were an Actual Revelation Emergency, you’d hear NOTHING from the Main Stream Media…. Our United (Divided) States Of America, has a “remnant”, awake believers in God, who respond when called to reject tyranny and domestic terrorists, enemies of our Republic and Constitution..

We, the people will follow due process with Prayers so GOD shows us His way. God is gracious. Repent, you Rebels, or lessons inside Jail Cells are destinations you chose by brazen ignorance of rule of law.

Justice demands it. We, thru the Revelations Alert System stay together and Talk with God. He’ll get the message across to us who are His, and YOU IF you WANT to become one of His. But don’t “fake it” we’ll flush you out!

We’ll see your acts. GOD sees all of them, even your “secret” acts…  Until you meet Him, you will be observed, and prosecuted. Insiders will oust you if you invade our land.

You can NOW return to your regularly scheduled distractions, Texts, Emails, SpoofTube, Fakebook, Goofle, Your blind, dizzy Pelosi info spinner “BUZZ” for your brain to fry on. Your Soul has been Shocked by a Sample! You have been enlightened and warned. Depending on which side of the Revelation you’re on. The right or the wrong side. Choose who you will serve and IF you want the “rest of the story” in this book. Pre-Order it here.

Complete your Revelations Alert System message by Talking with GOD…. He’s listening for YOUR Voice. His still, small voice will teach you many things. The Holy Spirit will lead you into all Truth. 

Tick, Tick,Tick, Time marches onward, Eternally, to GOD, who offers you a Eternal Conversation starting NOW!


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