Whats Inside This Book? YOU!

For 60+ years or more, I’ve been on a quest for “truth”… ways to find it, like an archeologist, seeking deep things, digging way below the surface to uncover the “rest of the story”.

What I’ve discovered on this truth quest throughout my life is; God has been at work, from day 1, on a beautiful story & painting…, a work of God…, a story of Love, offered to you, in Jesus, to experience yourself, to be inspired, challenged, growing in faith by nuggets of truth to share by writing your own book.

God’s THE Master Artist, painting His Love story thru events & experiences in all our individual lives, showing His Amazing Grace & Mercy. Sometimes it’s tough to see, yet, when we step back, in Conversations with God, we’ll see His paint brush on our life’s Tapestry & we’ll see it’s beauty and understand why it is so awesome. Its a Miracle to see unfold. It takes a lifetime to complete. God’s not done yet! Be Patient!

What’s inside this book is All About YOU….

What you’ll find in “Revelations: Conversations with God…, He’s Listening to You, and President Trump??? is TRUE! Are you are having Conversations with Him?  Or are you silent, because you choose to not have His Ear hear YOU!  You’re in control of that side of the conversation. God is not a bully listener…. Have you tried Him? Have you trusted Him? He’s Listening to You…! He’s listening FOR You…! Speak Up!

The remainder of this book’s title is: “and President Trump???! ”

Is God really listening to President Trump? You bet He is.. And I’ll Prove it…. In events and evidence, but you’ll have to read it and see for yourself.

This Sherlock Holmes-like Story of GOD, writing His Love Story, in every day, in life period “chapters”, fill every page of my life. It’s all because of Jesus, and the fact He’s STILL alive today, that I’m able to share this with you. And you’ll be able to share it with others because you care to give more after reading it.

And believe it or not, YOU can have this same opportunity to express yourself, by faith, in a GOD who Really Cares & Really Listens! He KNOWS you need help, and knows exactly what you need. The trouble is we either Don’t Ask, Or, we ask in the wrong way with wrong motives and replies we get are dead silence…. Because our requests are dead ended, and GOD doesn’t allow dead end things to continue. He’s all about LIFE and Life More Abundantly. That’s what this book imparts in Revelations of refreshment and hope.

That’s where the 1st truth is located. It’s LIFE Itself. Without Life, we have No WAY to have Faith in God. If you have Deception and Death as your only “hope”, then no wonder why things are so doom and gloom dead and sad! Suicide and abortion are the Devils way to WIN the war on Souls. That’s what’s at stake here. All this running around, groping for Career, Success, “Stuff” with NO regard for Life. Selling Body parts of babies..

What kind of hell hole country are we denying we’re allowing to continue? Dead passions… ? “Freedom” to KILL? Kill Who? Living for what, a “He who dies with the most “stuff” WINS” tombstone? Or living for a break away society using robotics and sacrificed children to try to avoid God, living longer on murdered flesh”. Not on my watch. No way… He or She who has the most life impacting relationships for God’s Kingdom WINS… Through families, relatives, neighbors, friends, BABIES who can’t speak yet. All Lives matter!. All people have life works to carry out, beyond their earthly years. That’s REAL Living!

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