Revelations:Conversations with GOD…. He’s Listening to YOU…! And President Trump…!??? This Book is All about GOD’s Work in Your Life!

Begin YOUR Transformed LIFE with GOD Today!  Start by simply having a conversation with GOD….

Begin a Deeper Relationship, a Personal Conversation with understanding from the Creator of “The Universe…”. This book Reveals HOW I did it and the Revelations I was shown! Revelations:Conversations with GOD, is ALL about YOU!

Read it, to change your LIFE, in ways you communicate with God.  SEE His hands at work IN your life, See thru Fresh Spiritual Eyes, freshly examined, and focused to see HIM clearly…. 

These Revelations are yours to keep and share with everyone you know….

They’re 100’s, 1000’s of things to discover in “Revelations: Conversations with GOD, He’s Listening to You, And President Trump?!”  Click the read a sample link to get a “taste” of what’s inside. Pre-Order your copy today….

I share with you “How To” Begin or Continue on your Lifelong Journey “Story” where GOD is actually writing His Heart on Your Life…. Every Day of your Life! And.., you’ll be able to share your story in a Future Book like this one.

My “Journey”, began with SIMPLE Conversations with GOD, after coming to Faith in Jesus Christ.

As I continued, in my Search for Truth, I’d Ask Him deep questions and wait sometimes for a “Season”, a Decade, or 20-30 years, while other times I’d wait a few seconds, as I was truly ready for the answers I was looking for.  It is my goal that this Book will shorten those times for you and get you to a much higher place, standing on the shoulders of Giants that I’m resting on today. You’ll rest better from reading these revelations.

It is by “Understanding” that we receive Revelations when we are in the right position….

(Standing Under The Authority of GOD). To receive His Revelations, you MUST be Standing UNDER Him, who Made Us All, Knows Us All and HAS all the Answers for us, IF we’re ready for them…. 

Ultimately, they’re all found in His Son, Jesus Christ, and by the works of a Soul Shaking President that’s currently bringing many people to their knees…. Before Judges, Courts, AND…, before our eyes through Social Media & TRUE News Sources connected to the Creator of Truth, not the creator of “spin cycles” of brain fodder that folks get all triggered and twisted over, while God and Jesus see through all of it, which is a good thing….

You’ll see through all the “clutter & noise” in your Life by reading this book. You’ll want to kneel and Pray for the Miracles GOD shows you, if you simply HAVE that Conversation with God. When you DO, you’ll WANT to bow down & worship HIM! Because HE has done everything for US to return to Him! Its an Awesome truth to experience. There is No Place so low that HE can’t reach you, whatever your circumstances are. Ask Him, Test Him, Talk with Him!

Sooner or later we’re all going to have to bow to Him anyway…. Scripture warns of that “Coming day of the Lord”…. We might as well get it down correctly this side of eternity, right?! I’m ready… Are you? Get used to it, its a place of refreshment!

Tough Answers to Life’s Mysteries on why things happen the way they do & where’s God in all of this are GREAT Questions to Ask…, HAVE your asked Him? Will you ask… Do you really want to know?

Asking for the true reasons people do the crazy things they do to cover up or deny what the truth is needed to “Grow Up” into Spiritual maturity to handle God’s INFINITE “reality”. We’re not in Kansas anymore: Toto has left the stage and the play is over. This hard core reality is America. Buckle Up… It’ll be rough for a  while as evil runs, hides for a season to regroup. You might be one of those people on the run, and God has been after you to STOP…! Well, STOP! And be Saved from Hell!

God knows what you can handle & what you deserve to know. And NOT know…, humility earns faster answers….

Trust me on that. If you think you can’t live a holy and pure life, you’re right, you can’t, but GOD can give you what you need to actually LIVE that way & experience life in incredibly fresh, new ways…, all because you simply began with a conversation and trusted God for the outcome…. HE will supply your Every Need and YOU will rejoice knowing He’s behind your steering wheel because you finally let GO & let GOD show you what you’ve avoided for a season, OR a Lifetime…

To know Him, to Speak with Him, personally, without actually “seeing Him”, yet seeing Him in tiny glimpses, like the ones caught in this book’s Hubble Telescope captured cover picture: He IS the Artist with Galactic Beauty, The Engineer with Magnificent Majesty, the Author of Amazing Grace, with limitless depth….. Reaching out to YOU!

These Revelations, I share with you, by my personal conversations with God as I look thru a Hubble Telescope Lens, so we can BOTH SEE Him, Study Him & say… WOW…. God is Real! And He’s listening…To me & YOU, IF YOU to reach out to Him.. A pretty awesome idea to get a grip on…. His hand is extended out to YOU every moment of everyday, touch Him!

All this is possible because God provided & sacrificed His ONLY Son so we’d have the justified “right” to a NEW Conversation with Him after our fallen Adam & Eve “parents”, ( which we’re ALL descendants of ), THEY,CUT US OFF from a Holy GOD by their rebellion and doubt over what God told them what to do & what NOT to do. We do it today, still….

What we live “with”, until Christ personally becomes YOUR Lord & Savior, is struggles, consequences, of “the knowledge of good and evil…”. These struggles manifest themselves in depression, unrest, psychological, physical diseases & disorders.

What our institutions teach: That’s OK…, You’re OK…  “It’s NORMAL to be messed up”….. In some sense, that is true…  It is the “norm” when we’ve rejected GOD and won’t even consider WHAT the root problem really IS!

We’re Separated from God…! We shouldn’t be… FIX that, and all the other stuff gets squared away! Do you know why “professors” don’t teach THAT? Because they don’t “KNOW HIM”! They think “they” are the “authority” over what is and isn’t. No, reality is Truth, denial is Fiction. Wake up everyone. Have a conversation with God. He’ll let you know what’s true & false. Watch out for who “teaches” you. Let God & Jesus be your “professors” and you will have so much wisdom, you’ll have a LOT to share with folks to help them find their way to what ever their goals are.

The “world” gives you a prognosis, a “therapy” to overcome this or that problem, when God gives you HOPE, like in Easter, when the Lord Rose from the dead… That’s more than any “doctor” can provide you. Yes, they can give you some more “time”, but the real answer is, to know, trust & rely on God, thru knowledge and saving fellowship in Christ, to fix things…, showing you your wrongs, the areas you messed up in, like Adam & Eve did & STOP it… That will restore everything!

Pretty Deep yet pretty simple solutions to overcoming little & Big doubts ( negative “faith” ) & the ” pride of life…”. which gets worse over time as your heart becomes hardened. You don’t want to die that way, you want to have a open dialoge with God up TO that day, so the “transfer” of reality from flesh to eternity is seamless…!

We “inherit” the Adam & Eve “generational sin” as it mutates over 1000’s of years up to 2020 years ago, when a Lamb was slain for US to be restored & continues to restore even today, IF you invite Him, starting with a simple “Conversation” with the maker & restorer of everything we see, know and live. He gives us the opportunity to be like Jesus, and live forever with Him because Jesus paid that price, Jesus Life, for our lives, to be forgiven, washed clean, restored to a HOLY & Pure God. It’s like, we get a 2nd chance to have the living we’ve always dreamed of…, a living with a little bit of Heaven, lived today, here on earth, for a temporary span of time before actually going there, forever. Thank GOD! Thank Jesus!

Now, our Heavenly “Wireless” Conversation Network, which connects all of us to, is Back ON!

Are you “tuned in?” Is your soul’s “touchscreen” sensitive to the touch of God through the power connection and place of connection, by faith, by prayer, in conversations with GOD to start, which never end?!

Now, you and I can speak to and hear from God again… How? Because He’s opened up His Listening Ear, waiting for YOUR Voice to call out to Him! Do it! You’ll NEVER be the same after that simple act of faith.

That Revelation will be clearer to you as you read, reflect and rely on “Revelations” that encourage conversation paths and questions to ask to learn more about God, to be able to see His Ear is wide open for you. Trust me on that. He has shown it to me only because I asked & He answered and STILL Answers.

Look at the shape of the Stars in the Galaxies on this book’s cover…. Can you see a HUGE Ear, a “Universe” that’s Listening for your voice? If you look at the picture like I do, you might catch that shape, a glimpse of that ear….

The Hubble Telescope partially captured, this Celestial Ear, a Divine Ear, waiting to Hear from YOU! 

GOD is inside & outside EVERYTHING…, Intimately Interested in YOU! and Conversations with YOU. Praise God for His Desire for you to know Him!! You can learn this, by reading this…. Start Your Own Conversation with the Awesome Creator of the Universe & Creator of your Soul!  He gave YOU a “Fingerprint”. That’s “Your Story” to be told in your book!

I Believe

This Book will guide you to a NEW or Restored Relationship with GOD who Eagerly wants to hear from and Listens for YOUR Voice….

Adam & Eve started the mess we Live in!. We carry their “virus”…. Cure that by speaking with God, again, like they used to, before the “fall”… and He will speak with you. It begins with a God hug all around us, over us. His Love goes through us. When you’re separate from God it takes restoration, a reaching back to Him to reach out and bring on that hug response from God. But YOU have to start to conversation. You have to ask Him to make Himself real to you, to learn of & see Him.

Revelations are your reward. The size of these revelations are determined by YOU! The more you Seek, The More you Find. This level of Wisdom is won, by Simply starting a Conversation with the Maker of Heaven & Earth. He’d love to hear from you. Try Him….

Ultimately, honestly, we’re made of dirt, physically and 1 of 2 things, spiritually…. This is the “real” YOU…. What ARE You really made of?

Truth, or Lies….. Truth leads to More Truth… Lies lead to more Lies… Who are You, honestly now…? 

Who do you WANT To Be….?

Truth and nothing but the Truth, Or, Lies, living ( really dying) by the Father of Lies…?

I encourage you to choose Truth, and LIFE, not lies… That my friend, will set you Free, Forever…!

Lies keep you trapped, in Hell. Living here & now in the situations you suffer with or put up with which you CAN Change, Or there, In Hell, where you never want to be, and CAN’T Change, forever… I DON’T want ANYONE To Go there… YOU Don’t want to go there… I want you to fix your life NOW why you still can…,

This is your Forever Fire Insurance Policy. Redeem it NOW by Talking with God, NOW….

Before the devil gets you in a corner you can’t get out of…. He’ll lie you right into that corner, only Jesus will truth your way out of it. Forever. Don’t worry about what you’ve done, just tell God the truth and watch what He does for you. Talk with Him, He’ll talk with you. No more Lies. Love comes from that simply act of faith and a simple conversation. Try it, you’ll never regret it. You WILL if you don’t.

I encourage you to start your New Journey, or rekindle your Old journey, fresh and new, which never ends! God Bless You!

My Community

We’re Servant Leaders. Go-Givers, Underdog Advantage, Free Power People with Hearts beating with Compassion, Passion,, Grace, Desiring to HELP YOU reach God Ordained Goals 1st, and rejoice watching God at work thru acts of Faith, serving others….. 

Our Classic Car, and Radio Programs, deliver Legacy Incomes to enjoy Classic Cars, Income to realize both On & OFF Grid Free Energy & Financial Freedom to work FOR God creating NEW Ministry Revenue Streams to Bless Millions with the Good News: The Gospel of Christ. 

All these Programs are in service to Christ because He Died & Rose again for me, you, ALL of US, who Simply Believe. 

Belief Starts with a Conversation. Revelations are your reward. They Never Stop, long as you keep the Conversation Going… You’re 1 Conversation away from God. DO what President Trump is doing, and Millions of others. We’re Praying for Him, Our Nation, Our Planet and our Children’s right to Life & Life more abundantly… Are You IN? I AM! I’m ALL In….

God’s Listening for You… And, He’s Listening to Our 45th President. Donald J. Trump! Listen UP Mr. President!

Thank you Mr. President for Revealing to the World what America Can Be & was Born to be, by Faith & Reliance on our Awesome Creator God and His Son Jesus.

I Pray, WE Pray for our Great Nation, our Planet and for YOU.

YOU, Mr. President, are very much tuned in to what God wants done before His Son Returns on a Great White Horse. Lets ALL be part of God’s Great Harvest of Souls in these last days.

You’re on the Winning Side Mr. President, we are too…, with you!

Thank you for joining the 2020 March for Life! EVERY Life is important. Your Life is Important & So is your Re-Election. Thank you for your SERVICE to our Country, the unborn & the World!

God Bless YOU, and the United ( Not Divided ) States of America….

Make America Great Again, For EVERYONE!

Sincerely, JP Sweet